This is a conscious disclosure of my perspective and feeling towards the future and my professional career. A creed for myself and whoever cares.

I – Observation

Don't shed your curiosity, don't discard your absurdity. Be a lifelong Flâneur – a stroller of the modern world. Try to keep naivety when experiencing moments. Bring literacy, thought and interest into your observations of nature and urbanism.

The right spectacle is what I'm seeking for, the right spectacle is what I'm creating.

II – Critique

Listen carefully, build your opinion, agree and learn. Raise your disagreement, confront. Experience with a critical mindset, embrace high culture over light fare.

I accept, but I don't tolerate many things. I rather end my life as an unsatisfied Socrates than a content fool. Openness precedes my questioning, aware to be misled. I'm not subscribing to apple-shiners. I want raw face-off, debate for thought and reflection.

III – Vision

Ambition, discipline and hard work need to be dedicated to good projects, initiatives and businesses, fostering inclusiveness and ethical correctness. Being true to oneself, and don't manipulate on behalf of the devil. Compromise money, not friendship.

My vision of the future is coloured by optimism – seeing my generation and direct surrounding peacefully unite across boarders. I want to involve myself with a visionary bunch – talk about complexity, problems, ideas. Work towards sustainable solutions with patience.

IV – Speculation

Brave projects provoke. Every design should allow for speculation and critical statements. Client work is paid business and needs to follow its brief. In addition, the role as designer is to nudge inspiration, expand vision, tweak reality to make think. Communicate a message, be bold, follow trends for a reason. Understand the masses, see alternatives, and walk as an individual.

I rather dream instead to hope. Use art and experiments to refine my thought, and nurture lunacy to balance rationalism.

V – Execution

Great collaboration needs friction and heated discussion. Pure harmony is not vivid, homogeneity boring. Excitement and wishful outcomes are achieved by interdisciplinary gatherings and inclusion of diversity. Be honest in your politics, and altruistic about leadership. Empathise and invest in a warm surrounding. Ultimately don't be a dick.

When I design I shape atmosphere. Moving as a cross-media native, building stories, bridging materials, always together.

*Philosophy and Ethics often degraded as unprofitable arts should be compulsory study...not only in a perfect world.